Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hillary Clinton's Presidency: An Outline

The power elite is losing its social base very fast. So they trying to create a successor to George Bush presidency. The "Power Elite" is used as "Democrat" and "Republican" have become meaningless terms. The "Power Elite" main innovation for Hillary Clinton's Presidency is the introduction of "Peronism" as the official ideology of Hillary Clinton's administration. The other lablel is "Progressive" trying to associate Hillary with FDR. FDR policies were temporary measures, whereas Hillary is planning to make permanent changes to the American Society.

What is Peronism?—Personism was a set of policies by Mr. Peron in Argentina who lead the government between 1945-55. It was also followed by Peronist governments in 1980's to 1990's in Argentina. Peronism is essentially a pragmatic maneuvering between social classes at home and between rival powers abroad, concocted into a pseudo-ideology by grandiloquent rhetoric and noisy demagogy—contained a hard kernel of nationalist achievement, material progress and social reform. That is why Peron managed to split every party and political formation from the extreme Catholic Right to the Communist Left and line up the dissidents behind his banner.

Hillary Clintons "Peronism" is not even real as her policies would be more similar to Mussolinis Italian Fascism from 1930's. But Peronism offers a better cover and label acceptable to the establishment for her policies. Mussolini, Peron and FDR did not have the same policies even though they might look similar. They were based on completely different social systems with different class formations and different population composition.

The outlines of a Hillary Clinton's presidency would look like the following:

"On Peronism"
  • Peronism as the official ideology (A combination of fascist slogans such patriotism, nationalism, Americanism with socialist slogans such as Corporations are to blame and increased taxes on Corporations to "help the poor")
  • Government control of all major decisions in Corporations
  • Increased power for corporation's "Human Resource departments" that is equivalent of "Police Department for Corporations"
  • Government Run Labour Unions
  • Limiting and elimination of Civil Liberties
  • Police as the main power base, and African Americans as the main social base
  • Use of Assasination and Violence against both Corporations and the Labour
  • Promotion of Racism as a state policy
Economic Policy
  • Selling the US infrastructure to foriegn investors
  • Housing Market Crash to re-organize the Middle Class
  • Stock Market Crash to re-organize the economic and power structure of the Corporations in the US economy
  • Capitulate to the "European Union" economic demands on trade and compensate the loss with assaults on the American People. In other words American people will be turned to cheap labor working for Europeans.
  • Low dollar value against Euro.
  • High Inflation
  • High Interest Rates for the general public
  • High Sales Tax 15%-%25
  • High Gas Prices and High Gas Taxes
  • General Lowering of Industry Standards
  • Lower Living Standards, And Increased government Subsidies to Mr. Obama's social base
ON "North American Union"
  • Full speed on NAU and integration of Mexico into US economy
  • Integration of US Army and CIA with Mexican Army and Mexican intelligence due to NAU
On Civil Liberties
  • More people in jails and Increased use of prison slave labor in production
  • Domestic Terrorism as the main focus to assault ordinary citizens and enahnce the police role
  • Assault on the Second Amendment (The Right to bear arms for citizens)
In summary Hillary Clinton's presidency is a general assault on the civil society both on corporations and ordinary people. This will be a more calculated assault with ideological and political preparations. This assault should be contrasted to their previous assault on Civil society under the previous Clinton administration which failed due to the lack of an oraganized strategy.

The main focus of a Hillary Clinton's administration is the assault on Corporations as the last base of indpendent power in civil society. It will use slogans such as "US government is run by corporations" to distract attention from the power elite's role in the US government. To undermine the independent power of Corporations, outsourcing is introduced on a massive scale in order to control the Corporation's workforce. This way the leadership of Corporations are isolated from its workforce and Corporations are turned into a empty facade in which the government will actually be running the corporations and making all major decisions.

Peronism in argentina was created for the conditions in Argentina. It was based on independent labour unions and the military. Mr. Peron had the support of both
sides. Peron had no institutionalized party. In other words the party had a very minor role.

Hillary Clinton's "Peronism" in US is something entirely different. Hillary's Peronism requires elimination of labour unions as an indepedent force. Hillary's "Peronism" requires that labour unions are turned into government agencies.

So the second line of assault is on the labour unions. Those who might show any resistance are the white blue collar workers who are well paid. Mr. Obama with his african american social base can help with destroying these indpendent segments of labour unions. The whole issue will be turned into a question of "diversity" and "racism" and these blue collar workers can be easily socially discredited and their rights taken away.

Also Argentina had a European homogenous population similar to Scandinavia. That is why Peronism could work for certain stages of industrialization. US is entirely different with significant African American population. The end result of Hillary's Peronism is not Argentina or Scandinavia but it is Mexico.

Another element of Hillary's "Peronism" is to eliminate market relations and replace it with racism as an allocation mechanism. Population will be divided into ethnic divisions and jobs are allocated according to ethnic background. This process is also called "Balkanization of US" and understood by some conservative thinkers.

Americans who were under illusions about the nature of power elite, will gradually understand and recognize that they are living in a different country which they do not recognize anymore.

This is in contrast to Bush Administration focus on foreign enemies and avoiding domestic conflicts. Under Hillary Clinton's presidency the American People will look back and consider Bush presidency as the period when US disappeared and NAU or north American Union emerged. CNN has already started replacing the phrase "American Viewers" to "North American Viewers" in their broadcasts.

Mr. Jose Rodrigues, the former head of Clandestine operations for the CIA is suggested as Hillary's Choice for the Director of CIA under a Hillary Clinton's administration. Mr. Rodrigues is of Hispanic origin and believed to have a police background career. Mr. Rodrigues has worked both in Mexico and Argentina and that makes him an ideal for the Hillary's agenda. This confirms that the main focus of a Hillary Clinton's administration is integrating Mexico into US both economically, socially and politically. That is the main objective is to have a "European Union" of US and Mexico.

Bush administration is a Bonapartist state. But its main power base was military. Hillary Clinton's administration will be also a Bonapartist state although it will be a decaying Bonapartist state. It will shift its power base to the police. Hillary Clinton's presidency will end with the US emerging as a "second Mexico" or will end with a Revolution.

A Bonapartist state is a state where the elite has lost its social base and is using military or the police or the state bureaucracy or a combination of these forces to rule.

The only exception to this historical trend is if the state bureacracy intervenes and changes the direction. Predicting such possibility, the power elite has started its propoganda campaign against bureacracy and calling the bureacracy for "Profit Mongers".

In a newly published book by Mr. "Tim Weiner: The Legacy of Ashes",which supposed to be " a definitive history of the CIA" he accuses Mr. Kofer Black, a CIA elite in counter-terrorism for "profit mongering" because he was outsourced to Blackwater Corp. CIA has replied that Mr. Kofer Black was forced out of CIA and he did not leave voluntarily.

We will hear more of these labels soon from the power elite. Labels such as "Profit Monger" "War Monger", "Peace Monger", "Corporation Monger", "White-supramacist Monger" "black-separatist Mongers" etc.

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Hillary Clinton Presidency: An Outline